aaa hublot replica watches IWC, flagship stores of

IWC, flagship store at the end of the year to offer gift is very popular recently, the world famous brand watches Swiss tabulation of Schafhausen IWC last night in Beijing luxury landmark Parkview green shopping center grand opening of its new flagship store in Yerba Buena, a new chapter in the Chinese capital opened more than 140 years of brand heritage luxury watchmaking tradition. As the IWC des Nations table third global flagship stores, is Asia's largest flagship store, transparent glass cube construction Beijing Fangcaodi flagship store to find everything fresh and new and exciting, the internal space of nearly 300 square meters show aaa hublot replica watches fascinating IWC Wanguo table six big series products. The opening ceremony that evening, Miss World Star Tang Wei, the replica gucci watches famous movie star Mr. Alec Su, Mr. Chen Yibing is famous for gymnastics, popular artists, singers, MTV host miss Zhu Zhu, famous director Mr. Wang Xiaoshuai, Chinese contemporary artist Mr. Wang Luyan should brand invitation in person at the scene, make the event a night star. The opening ceremony site unique exhibited ten paragraph from the Swiss IWC Schafhausen IWC Museum of history together, watches, IWC watches as Portugal Sidé at the scene first grand presents a Beijing tailor's gaze; rale Scafusia Beijing the Imperial Palace Limited Edition watch. The IWC table des Nations ten years developed the pinnacle, now appeared the stars of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the latitude and longitude of the characteristics described in the watch bottom perfection, and show the history of watch weave a time interleaving journey.

IWC Mr. Jochs, CEO of Wanguo table (Georges Kern) indicated: "IWC des Nations table Beijing Fangcaodi flagship store opening, is a dialogue between art and gorgeous high-grade tab from the Swiss Oriental civilization, civilization history of innovation in Beijing with the sense of smell (300336, shares) and IWC des Nations table brand gene perfect compliance, we expect IWC Wanguo table will stem from the traditional and innovative spirit of the Swiss Schafhausen carry forward in Beijing this piece of strange land, bring unique experience for Chinese fans watch watch."

to celebrate Beijing Fangcaodi flagship store opening, IWC watches from the unique Swiss Schafhausen museum will be 10 with a history of milepost meaning watches to Beijing by air, the model for the time from 1874 through to 2000 creation, perfectly represents the IWC des Nations table inheritance for more than 140 years, high-grade art of watchmaking. The 10 former history watch contains: 1874 creation of the equipment movement, Jones Hunter pocket watch in 1885 replica hermes blanket to create the Lé pine open surface digital display watch, 1936 to create a unique top section of pilots watch, made in 1939, 1955 the Portuguese watch created man watches, engineer 1969 creation of the sailing elite watches, 1982 Porsche titanium metal mechanical chronograph watch, set in 1986 1993, Da Vince calendar watch the creation of the II Destriero Scafusia watch.

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